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Greensboro Police Community Review Board member resigns, worries board is no longer effective

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Greensboro Police Community Review Board is now three members short.

The board is meant to mirror city council and handles complaints against the police department as an independent board.

Jacqueline King had been a member of the board for two years in December. She resigned citing that the board is no longer working for the community as she believes it should.

This all stems from a complain from 15-year-old Jose Charles and his mother Tamara Figureoa. Charles says officers mistreated him when they arrested him on July 4 at Center City Park.

A police internal review of the incident found that the officers did nothing wrong.

The complaint then went to the Police Community Review Board and that board disagreed with the department's findings.

They requested the city manager and council look into the matter further.

"Clearly the message is out that the city manager decided against it and the board decided that it was a legitimate complaint and so if they're not taking our decisions seriously when we are volunteering our time then that's going to be a problem for me," King said.

Wednesday afternoon, the city council announced that after reviewing the body camera video of the arrest, they would not be taking any further action in the case.

"The matter at hand for city council in this case is to do what's right based off of the facts and evidence in the case file, and so I certainly respect the decision of the PCRB, but again, I support the findings and conclusions of the city manager and the chief of police in this case," City Council Member Justin Outling said.

Outling, Nancy Hoffman and Marikay Abuzuaiter stood with Mayor Nancy Vaughan to answer questions regarding the council's support for the police department.

The other five council members were not present. Vaughan said some simply could not be there and others did not share their opinion in the case.

Mayor Vaughan called the resignations "unfortunate."

"Just because we disagree with the PCRB on this issue doesn't mean that the PCRB doesn't serve a purpose. I would hope that the people who are on it will continue to serve and we'll replace those who left but I think it's important," she said.

King says after this case she believes the process does not empower the Police Community Review Board to make real change.

"If we made a recommendation we have no way of knowing what happens after that. That's it. We don't get any feedback, this is what we did, so we really don't know if we're being effective or not," King said.