Deaf pit bull puppy severely burned after knocking over pan of hot grease

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Graphic photos of the dog’s injuries are included in the video at the top of this story. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

KANSAS CITY -- 4 month-old Aurora is suffering from burns all over her body.

Workers with the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City were notified after there were reports of Aurora set on fire, and seen running down the street. She then came into the shelter and Dr. Sandra Walker went right to work.

"This is not a typical injury we see. This is heart-wrenching. She'll probably have scars the rest of her life with this extensive of burns across her body."

Right now investigators believe those burns are the result of an accident.

"The story that was seen on social media and was seen running down the street was not true," Officer Cameron Morgan with The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department said. "An incident occurred with the family that actually owned the puppy. They have been in contact with us. Somehow in the communication, this separate story was leaked out that the dog was actually set on fire. The dog was never actually set on fire, but did sustain burns to him, just not by a fire."

The investigation revealed the puppy accidentally knocked over a pan of hot grease while the owners were cooking, WDAF reports.

Right now officers don't expect to file any charges but the investigation is far from over. And so is Aurora's road to recovery. Walker expects it to take weeks, maybe even months.

"If this were my pet, I'd be heartbroken," said Morgan. "I'd be really heartbroken."

Aurora is also deaf. Shelter workers don't think that's the result of this accident. If you have any information that can help move the investigation along, police want to hear from you. The puppy was found just south of Ferree and Argentine Boulevard.

The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City posted graphic images of the pup on Facebook.