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Winston-Salem woman relives moment car crashed into her home

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- A Winston-Salem woman is out of her home after a car came crashing through the side of her house early Thursday morning.

The woman, who wanted to be identified simply as “Miss Nita,” says she and her friend were asleep in the bedrooms in the back of her home around 3 a.m. when they heard a loud boom.

“The first thing I thought was an airplane had done crashed for some reason,” she said.

The home, located on Lane Ridge Lane, which is off of Darwick Road, suffered heavy damage to the side.

“Next thing I saw my living room caved in,” Miss Nita said.

She came outside to find that a Cadillac had gone off of Darwick Road, through her fence, hit the home and then collided with her Jeep in the driveway.

“He had to be flying,” she said. “They fly around that curve like they’re on the race track.”

Police and sheriff’s documents show that a man by the name of Anthony Joseph Cunningham was arrested for DWI at the address at 4:06 a.m. Thursday. Winston-Salem police did not have any other information available.

“He was trying to explain to me what had happened, he said he wasn’t familiar with this area,” Miss Nita said.

She went on to say that although this is the closest call she’s experienced at the home – where she’s lived for 15 years – it’s not the first; adding that she had nearly been hit by a vehicle while mowing her lawn in the past and another driver crashed into the bushes beyond her house.

“You always see it, but you never think that it’ll happen to you,” Miss Nita said, of Thursday’s crash.

She continued to say that she is now unable to stay in her home, while her insurance company processes her claim.

“The kitchen cabinets and sink is up against the wall,” she said. “The fireplace, that was a fireplace, it’s on the outside now instead of inside.”

However, she’s grateful the damage was only done to belongings.

“For that much I was thankful for that. Because, I don’t know how he survived in that car, the way it looked,” she said. “I don’t know how he survived.”