Russian spy ship sinks after collision with freighter

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A research ship from the Russian navy’s Black Sea Fleet has sunk after colliding with another vessel off the coast of Turkey, Russian state media said Thursday.

All 78 crew members on board the Liman were rescued, the state-run Tass news agency said, citing Turkish coast guard officials. Preliminary reports indicated no one was injured.

The Russian crew members were taken aboard two Turkish coast guard boats, it said.

The Liman’s hull was breached in a collision near the Bosphorus Strait with a Togo-flagged ship carrying livestock, Tass said. That vessel was not damaged and did not require help.

An earlier statement from the Russian Defense Ministry said the Liman had been breached below the waterline on the starboard side and that its crew was fighting to keep it afloat, state news outlet Sputnik reported.

The collision occurred just before noon Moscow time (5 a.m. ET) about 25 miles northwest of the Bosphorus Strait, the statement said.