NC man accused of leaving 1-year-old daughter alone in car for second time

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Keiyenne Hijin, 30.

SALISBURY, N.C. — A North Carolina father accused of leaving his 1-year-old daughter in the car while he worked out the gym has been arrested. Police said people recognized the man, who has been wanted since February, and saw his daughter left alone in his car again.

Police got a call to a Salisbury Ford dealership Tuesday afternoon saying the man they’d been looking for was there.

They went to the dealership and found 30-year-old Keiyenne Hijin’s daughter alone in the car again.

“The car was running, the windows were halfway down, the doors were unlocked,” Capt. Sheila Lingle said.

The girl was in the car for about 20 minutes and there was a portable toilet next to her that had been used.

One officer took Hijin to the magistrate to serve the warrant from February, while another officer stayed and waited for the girl’s mother.

By the time that second officer got to the magistrate’s office to take out another warrant, Hijin had signed a promise to appear in court and was released.

“They came to obtain warrants on this one, but he had been released and already left,” Lingle said.


The charges are misdemeanors and Hijin is set to appear in court on June 6.