Greensboro street crews say number of potholes down from last year

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Potholes are not only frustrating for many drivers, but they could also be dangerous.

“I try to avoid the potholes as much as I can,” said Cequence Henry, a Greensboro resident.

“I'm dodging them every day,” said Debora Sharpe, another driver who lives in Greensboro. “I've even had a flat tire because of a pothole that I kept hitting over and over.”

FOX8 wondered just how bad they might be after all the rain we've had the past few days.

Greensboro city street crews say they’ll always be looking for problem spots, but say the number of potholes they’ve had to fix is less than half of what they did by this time last year. So far, they’ve repaired around 1,400 potholes. Even after the recent rain storm, it hasn’t been that bad.

The supervisor for the street team says the decline is likely because the city repaved many streets, but there is always some work to be done.

Crews fill the potholes and seal them almost every day.

People in the community can call the city to report a pothole at 373-CITY (2489). The street crew is usually there to fix it within 24 hours.