2-year-old NC girl’s arms, mouth bound with tape by daycare teacher

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A 2-year-old North Carolina girl’s arms and mouth were bound with packaging tape by her daycare teacher, according to WSOC.

The girl’s mother said she found out about the incident several weeks ago when an employee of The Children of America Education and Childcare Centers in Charlotte walked by a classroom and saw the little girl in a corner with her hands bound and tape covering her mouth.

She said her child’s teacher had been at the daycare for a few months and got upset because the girl wouldn’t “be still and listen to what she was saying.”

That’s when the teacher allegedly wrapped packing tape around her child’s wrists and over her mouth.

Administrators told the woman what happened the next day and fired the teacher.

A statement issued by Mintz Fraade Law First, the law firm who represents Children of American, said:

This is in response to the recent inquiry pertaining to an incident at the Children of America childcare center in Charlotte. Please be advised that as a licensed child care provider in the State of North Carolina, Children of America must adhere to strict state-mandated guidelines. Specifically, with regard to this recent incident with which you are inquiring about, Children of America took immediate, appropriate action as mandated and pursuant to Children of America’s internal policies and procedures which included the termination of the employee. Children of America cannot comment any further on the incident because it is an ongoing investigation.

The mother waited three weeks for the daycare to report the incident to police, and when they failed to do it, she called 911.

The executive vice president for the school said that what happened is upsetting. He said teachers go through training and are told they can take a break any time the stress gets too high. He also added that the daycare took swift and appropriate action and that the staff notified child services and state licensing agencies, which is the daycare’s protocol.

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