TSA reminding travelers what is and isn’t allowed on flights

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The TSA is reminding travelers about what they can and cannot carry on a commercial aircraft. Friday they shared a sampling of items surrendered in recent weeks at PTI airport.

Items included knives, brass knuckles, small blow torches, food and tools.

"Many people travel for work and they don't get to fly very often and so they bring their tools for their carry on bag," said Mike England, with the TSA, who also pointed out they are seeing an increase in personal safety weapons. "Credit card knives or blades ... we are seeing more and more of these at check points across the country."

England says many of the items surrender come from people who don't travel often and are not familiar with the rules.

While many of the items are not allowed in your carry-on they can be included in your checked luggage. To check if an item can be included in your carry on visit TSA.gov.

It's surrendered to TSA are sent to the state surplus or donated to local charities.