Police officer creates beautiful portrait to honor Facebook murder victim

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PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia police officer created a beautiful work of art to honor the 74-year-old man who was the victim of a fatal shooting that was posted on Facebook.

The photo, which was created by the Philadelphia Police Department forensic graphic artist Officer Jonny Castro, was shared by the department’s Facebook page on Tuesday.

The post read, in part:

“YOU – the public – are the best weapon we have in the fight against crime. Sure, that’s a cliche – but some cliches become cliches for a reason. FACT: Mr. Godwin’s killer is no longer a threat because a citizen picked up a phone and called police.

Every day in this country, individuals like Mr. Godwin are senselessly killed by cowards whose names aren’t worth the keystrokes necessary to type them into posts like this one. Far too often, it is the names and faces of those criminals – not their victims – that are remembered as we see them plastered all over the media.

The sooner those wanted individuals are in custody, the sooner we can stop posting their pictures. Believe us – getting them into custody and off of our pages and streets makes us very happy.

We need your help.

Steve Stephens, 37, fatally shot Robert Godwin in Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday.

The two did not know each other, and Godwin — a father of nine and grandfather of 14 — was walking home from Easter dinner when he was approached by Stephens and killed, according to Cleveland police.

Video of the killing was posted to Facebook that day and later removed.

By Monday, five states, including Ohio, were informed Stephens may be headed there.

Stephens, who was found inside a white Ford Fusion, shot and killed himself Tuesday morning.