Guilford County legislators in the hot seat at town hall meeting

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Guilford County Legislative Delegation felt the heat from voters Thursday night.

Senator Gladys Robinson (D), Representative John Blust (R), Representative Cecil Brockman (D) and Representative Amos Quick (D) came to downtown Greensboro to hear their constituents' concerns.

Many people who spoke were angry about HB2, funding for public schools and gerrymandering.

"You've been in power since 2010 where are the jobs bills, where are the infrastructure bills? Does anyone know of an instance where a transgender person assaulted someone in a bathroom?" said one person.

Parents of Guilford County Schools students addressed the delegation asking them seek more funding for the arts and to increase teacher pay.

"Our public schools need your full support and that of the entire General Assembly. What I want to say is our teachers need to be paid commensurate with the time they spend," said another voter.

The legislators did address some of the comments and and answer questions when they were able. Some citizens warned if things don't change in Raleigh, their voices will be hear on the ballot.