‘Sorry but backed over Tobey’: Woman says UPS driver left note after backing over family dog

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BELLINGHAM, Wash. — A Washington woman says a UPS driver who accidentally killed her family dog by backing over him left a “sorry” note written on a “missed package” slip, according to the Daily Mail.

Cynthia Wakelin got home to find the message scribbled across the slip and placed on her front door.

The note read, “Sorry, but backed over Tobey. He’s dead over by where I turn around. I didn’t see him behind me. Sorry.”

Typically, Wakelin just lets her dogs roam around the area freely.

“I live on a mountain. I moved there for a reason,” Wakelin told the Daily Mail. “They roam or go down the back to the lake. Full freedom….most of the time they sit on the porch.”

She found the note when she came home with her children and had to explain it to them.

Wakelin took to social media last week in an attempt to inform others and to change UPS’ policy.

“PLEASE SHARE! THIS IS TO TRY AND CHANGE @UPS POLICY! WHEN AN A PET IS INJURED OR KILLED THERE SHOULD BE A CALL! IT SHOULD NOT BE IN A SAME CATEGORY AS A PACKAGE,” the post read, in part. “LEAVING A NOTE IS NOT OK! A @ups driver killed my 14 y/o dog, Toby, and left this note on my door!”

UPS Spokesperson Dan Mackin issued a statement on the incident, saying the driver had been “disciplined.”

The statement read, “UPS apologized to the customer for this unfortunate incident. Our local manager personally visited the customer and gave our condolences. The driver involved has been disciplined, and the company will make a goodwill payment to the customer.”

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