Hawthorne Road in Winston-Salem a bumpy ride

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- People who drive on Hawthorne Road in Winston-Salem know it's never been completely smooth.

But the city is nearly finished replacing decades-old water and sewer lines and the road is now a patchwork of asphalt.

Drivers in the area say the bumpy road is more than an inconvenience. They say it's uncomfortable and may be damaging their cars.

"You see people sway back and forth trying not to hit the major bumps. So it's difficult and it impacts the cars and the vehicles that are going up and down," said Ray Ruguski, who has lived on Hawthorne Road for 10 years.

The city is well aware of people's displeasure with the road. Michael Stover, utilities capital projects engineer for the city, says they are nearly finished with the utility work and then they will look at repaving.

Stover explains they use a model to decide whether they need to repave.

"We do an initial rating before the project starts and a final rating after the project ends and if the initial and final ratings drop by 20 points or more we're obligated to repave that street," he said.

Stover says he believes Hawthorne Road will most likely qualify for repaving and says it could happen anytime between now and September.

The city utilities commission meets on Monday and Stover says he will request the necessary money to repave Hawthorne.