Dudley High School staff honored for saving substitute teacher who was having a heart attack

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A substitute teacher at Dudley High School almost died in the cafeteria after losing consciousness back in February.

”She was talking about her 60th birthday and her family and her daughter becoming a chef,” said Christopher Holland, a basketball coach and assistant teacher at the school. “You know how in the movies people are just talking about great things in life and then they just go, it seemed like that.”

Now, four staff members, including Holland, are being honored as employees of the month. Assistant Principal Christopher Scott says EMS told him that those four staff members who did CPR and used a defibrillator saved her life.

“You weren't really thinking about it,” said Desiree Acevedo, a teacher who helped save Mrs. Freeman. “We were just going through the motions. You can't just stop and think how you feel. I went back to my classroom and my students were there, that's when it kind of hit me. I was shaking.”

“I thank them. I thank them for my life,” said Frances Freeman, the substitute teacher who is now recovering at home from a heart attack and stroke.

Freeman says it was her co-workers quick action in the cafeteria that saved her life, but they say the entire school should be proud of its actions.

“If it had not been for Officer Lance calling EMS when he did, if it had not been for Mr. Scott sprinting and bringing back the AED when he did….just one minute and even a couple of seconds may have been the difference between being able to give Mrs. Freeman a big hug and having to go to her funeral,” said Holland.

Mrs. Freeman hopes to soon return to the classroom. She says it won’t happen this school year, but looks forward to the possibility of seeing the kids in the fall.