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Small park coming to downtown Kernersville

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- Trendy boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants are moving into downtown Kernersville.

Now Kernersville's town manager, Curtis Swisher, says another project will keep shoppers in downtown even longer.

"We wanted to do something to enhance downtown a little further. The building behind us they done some renovations to it. Renovations up the street," Swisher said.

But what's happening to the vacant school supply store isn't a renovation. Contractors are tearing down the old building at the corner of North Main Street and West Mountain Street. In its place, a small park will give folks a chance to see what downtown Kernersville has to offer.

"We got some restaurants downtown," Swisher said. "We see a lot of foot traffic and we are thinking folks walking downtown, shopping, eating, can stop here at the park and enjoy a few minutes in the park."

Shelia Vernon is the manager of Cake and All Things Yummy. She can imagine lots of people enjoying the park that's going to be right across the street from the bakery.

"I think it's going to be wonderful," Vernon said. "Our customers will have an extra place to sit and on sunny days and families can come and spend their time there."

The park will be paid for with town funds and a $94,000 state grant.

Swisher says Kernersville town aldermen also decided to get rid off another downtown eyesore that was at the corner of South Cherry Street and West Mountain Street.

"That was an abandoned gas station for about four years and the town purchased that property and the property behind it to help enhance downtown further,” he said.

Kernersville is still looking over plans for the lot. But Vernon feels the town will come up with something that will add to the charm of downtown Kernersville.

"The beautification obviously stands out now to other areas. We have a lot to offer," Vernon said.

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