Businesses excited for portion of Main Street in High Point reopening soon

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- In about a week, the traffic inconvenience will be over.

The City of High Point is on track to reopen a section of North Main Street on the second week in April.

“Overall timeline, we’re still shooting to have Main Street open back up by April 12,” said Keith Pugh, director of Engineering Services for the City of High Point.

Crews still need to put down asphalt and paint road markings.

The road closed Nov. 2, 2016, for the Main Street Project, which replaces the outdated underground infrastructure (water and sewer lines).

The construction has been an adjustment for drivers, but perhaps the greatest inconvenience has been to nearby businesses.

Businesses in the Main Street Square shopping center say the traffic detours have contributed to a drop in sales.

However, many say this is the time to focus on the next chapter now that reopening the stretch of road is around the corner.

“We’re very excited for it to come to an end, looking forward to having a big party on the 12th,” said Brenda Fraser, the owner of Cornerstone Interiors.

“We think it may take a few weeks for people to get used to driving back through the area, but all-in-all we couldn’t be more excited about getting the road back open,” said Tim Fogarty, owner and instructor at Smith Whitley Music.

High Point Nail Spa took advantage of the road construction period to remodel.

A grand opening sign hangs in front of the store.

“We just want people [to pay more attention that we are] here,” owner Tiffany Van said.

Although Main Street will be open, surrounding areas still need work.

Once part of North Main Street reopens, crews will begin working on nearby Sunset Drive and Montlieu Avenue.

Drivers should expect traffic changes in those areas, including during Furniture Market.