Page High School student recognized nationally for award-winning artwork

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- When it comes to art, Claire Audilet loves to take on different techniques.

Doing so not only allows her to flex her creative juices, but it also gives her a chance to unwind.

"Art is sort of like an outlet that," the Page High School junior says. "It's just something that's relaxing to me. Like just getting to sit down and have time to myself I really enjoy that."

"She put her skills on display in an award winning work called "room at the met." It was inspired through a trip to New York.

"I really enjoy using color in all my work and I notice just how when there's lighting it just sort of treats the color in a different way. It just sort of adds a different effect to it."

Audilet says expressing herself through art and other extracurricular activities help her stay grounded.

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