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NCAA deadline looming, Greensboro’s $118 million bids at stake

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- If House Bill 2 is not repealed by noon on Thursday, there likely won’t be another NCAA championship in the state through 2022.

The NCAA says it is narrowing down its bids for the next round of championship locations this week.

An executive for the Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance says the deadline for North Carolina to be considered is Thursday at noon.

Michael Reynolds is the president of the Guildford County Hotel Association and the general Manager of a Courtyard by Marriott in Greensboro.

He says the hotel lost a lot of money when the NCAA and ACC moved their games from the Greensboro Coliseum this year.

“About a quarter million dollars, last year to this year, that’s what we've lost because of these events,” Reynolds said.

Based on the quarter million dollars his hotel lost, Reynolds roughly estimates hotels in the Greensboro area lost about $20 million this year.

Now, the state might not get any NCAA championships statewide for the next five years because of HB2.

The NCAA says it won’t consider any bids from the state to host the next round of games unless HB2 is repealed.

In a statement, the organization said it wants to "assure a safe, healthy, discrimination-free atmosphere for all those watching and participating in our events.”

According to the Greensboro Area Visitors Bureau, bids were placed for 55 NCAA events and all of those amount to a $118 million dollar economic impact.

The sports commission says we wouldn’t get all those events anyway, but now we might not even have a chance for one.

"It's worrisome,” said Jack Bishara, the owner of Jack’s Corner Mediterranean Deli, about the possibility of the NCAA not returning. “It brings business in the range of 20- 25 percent, so it really affects us if they're not here.”

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