NC woman reunited with wedding dress after accidental donation

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DURHAM, N.C. — A North Carolina woman has been reunited with her wedding dress after her husband accidentally donated it to Goodwill, WTVD reported.

Natalie Gelbert’s husband mistakenly dropped off the wrong bag at a donation center in Durham.

“He didn’t realize it was in the same looking bag as the Goodwill donations, so all of it got donated,” Gelbert told WTVD.

When the couple contacted the store, they learned the dress was no longer there.

“We got confirmation that one of the employees remembered selling it this past Saturday. The manager says he thinks it got sold for $20 or $25,” she said. “My heart sunk. I mean, that’s not something that’s replaceable at all. Even if we were to go and buy the exact same dress from David’s Bridal, it’s not the one I married the love of my life in.”

Gelbert took to Facebook Tuesday in hopes of finding the dress.

“It was a total mistake and we are actually still paying on it. I’m so so so upset and posting this in hopes whoever bought it might see this,” the post read. “I would really like to buy it back. I know to whoever bought it, it was a great deal and sold dirt cheap but to me it is priceless.”

Gelbert planned to preserve it as a family heirloom.

The Goodwill Community Foundation said Friday that after more probing of when Gelbert's husband accidentally donated the dress, staff was able to locate the item in the donation area of the warehouse -- not on the sales floor.

Natalie Gelbert reunited with her wedding dress.


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