Greensboro goes green on St. Patrick’s Day

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Cars slowly roll by the statue of Nathanael Greene in downtown Greensboro, as folks took pictures of the Greensboro General wearing a kilt on St. Patrick's Day.

It was relatively quiet downtown, until you got closer to M'Coul’s, where the sound of bagpipes and clinking glasses rang loud.

"I call all employees and past employees from years past, 'You wanna do the big show today?'" said general manager Patrick Roby.

The bar opened at 7 a.m., with Irish breakfast and coffee for folks hoping to celebrate at the top o' the mornin.’

"Bars and restaurants downtown have a lot of exciting things going on, a lot of live music," said Julia Roach with Downtown Greensboro.

It'll be a big weekend for downtown shops, but police will make sure people are being safe and smart on the streets.

"Our downtown CCRT teams, which is our bike squads, will be in full force and they're really good at what they do," said Greensboro police officer Larry Roberts.

The department is also encouraging folks use ride sharing services or have a designated driver for the holiday notorious for beer drinking.