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Greensboro police target speeders with motorcycle unit

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Looking down the barrel of a laser radar gun, Sgt. Ben Altizer with Greensboro police picks off speeders one by one on West Friendly Avenue Tuesday morning.

"Frankly what we saw surprised us," Altizer said. "Some of the speeds -- 20, 25 mph over the posted speed limit -- are not uncommon."

He and his team have been catching speeders since November when the department reinstated its motor unit. Since then, the team has conducted 813 traffic stops, handing out hundreds of speeding tickets and dozens of warnings. Most of those speeding tickets are for folks allegedly traveling 15 mph or more over the speed limit, which is at least a $50 fine and two points on your license.

"We can run an operation with some of our technology and stop multiple cars in a short time frame," Altizer said. His team of three officers stacked up along Friendly Avenue, being able to rotate within the same spot. In about 30 minutes, the team stopped seven people for speeding in that one spot.

The laser radar, or ladar, can pinpoint an exact car in a crowd, being able to see which cars are traveling over the posted speed limit in the area of 35 mph.

Altizer says they've received 50 complaints since the group started and have addressed all of them.

"We have one of our officers actually make contact, speak with them either by telephone or even personally," he said.

He says the group also collaborates with city engineers to make suggestions about speed limits in areas and also where sidewalks should go based on complaints to promote safety.

You can report traffic concerns to Greensboro Police here.