Grammy Award-winning rapper from NC uses music to inspire children

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There are "thug rappers" and then there is Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, who is more of a "hug rapper."

Skidoo was an aspiring hip hop artist who met the lady of his dreams, got married and had a daughter. That’s when his rhymes changed, as he aimed them at an audience of kids.

"Not all my songs are, like, happy, cheery, let's go eat fruit and ice cream songs for the kids,” says Skidoo, who lives in Asheville. “They're about, here's what you do when the bully is messing with you."

Life lessons that Skidoo’s wife, Brooke Sullivan, says sometimes are better absorbed when coming from someone other than the parent.

"Maybe parents will talk about things, teachers will talk about things, but to hear it in a song from somebody that you don't even know, be like, 'Hey, yeah, I had that bad day, too. This is how you handle it? Okay, cool!'” says Brooke.

And Skidoo’s work has taken off, recently winning the Grammy Award for Best Children’s Album.

So, yeah, Skidoo is rhyming in a way he didn’t before, but he’s found a way to blend his life and work into an alloy that suits both.

"There are things you say because you're feeling good and you're out at the club and that's fine. And there's things you say because you want to teach your kid how to live in this world," says Skidoo "If you give your kids the tools to deal with those things, then that makes them have a positive life."

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