Very excited Jack Russell fails dog show run in the most adorable way, captures internet’s heart

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BIRMINGHAM, England — A very excited Jack Russell terrier named Olly has become a sensation online after his performance at the 2017 Crufts dog show this weekend.

Crufts shared the video of Olly’s performance on Saturday and it has already been viewed more than 880,000 times.

During his run, Olly faceplanted after crashing through one of the barriers, went the wrong way through a tunnel and ignored other jumps entirely.

Even the announcer couldn’t contain his laughter during the little dog’s run.

Olly is a former rescue pooch, rehomed by the Blue Cross shelter in Kimpton, England, according to the Mirror.

Crufts 2017 was won by an American Cocker Spaniel named Afterglow Miami Ink.

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