Plan to connect downtown Greensboro projects

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- For the past few months, it's been busy around Joymongers Brewery on North Eugene Street.

“When you're in a downtown area, there's always going to be some type of construction or something going on,” Joymongers manager Carrie Comer said.

The brewery sits right between two major projects downtown -- part of the city's new greenway and around the corner, the future Hyatt hotel.

“There is a lot going on,” Comer said. “I think some people are confused by it.”

With about two dozen construction projects going on downtown, city leaders are working on a plan to tie the projects together.

"You got to take a step back and put all the pieces of the puzzle together,” said Zack Matheny, president of Downtown Greensboro Incorporated.

Matheny says DGI is working on an action plan to connect the projects using some of the $25 million from a streetscape bond passed in November.

Some of the ideas are to build sidewalks, connecting the projects to each other or to downtown.

Matheny says they're also looking at putting up similar signage or artwork at each of the projects.

“To have one document that ties all these projects together, that showcases that we have over $500 million in a short time frame in downtown Greensboro, helps us tell our story," Matheny said.

It’s a story businesses say will help some of the folks confused by all the orange cones and construction signs around town.

“If they could group it together, I think it would probably make more sense to people,” Comer said.

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