Asheboro, Mark Walker condemn plans for KKK rally

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ASHEBORO, N.C. -- The City of Asheboro is speaking out after recent reports that the KKK is planning a rally in the city in May.

"We would prefer that they not come to Asheboro, they are not welcome in Asheboro," Asheboro Mayor David Smith said.

The city to put out a statement after hearing from community members in reaction to the planned rally.

"Our message in Asheboro is inclusion, respect for everyone, harmony, racial equality and that's just contrary to the message that this group advocates," Smith said.

Congressman Mark Walker (R-6th) also condemned the group's plans to rally in Randolph County.

"God created every man and woman and every boy and girl with unique skills and talents and giftedness. Anything like that we're always going to come strong when it comes to condemnation and rebuke," Walker said.

You can read Asheboro's full letter here.

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