Fathers volunteer at local school for ‘A Day Without a Woman’

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro New School has an all-female teaching staff. The nonprofit, independent school typically offers programs to kids six years and younger.

“Many preschool and kindergarten teachers, in fact 97 percent of them, are female,” said Susan Lindsay, the director of the school.

She wanted to give her teachers the opportunity to take off for “A Day Without a Woman,” a nationally recognized movement, where one aspect of the day raises awareness about the contributions women make to society. It's being held on the same date as International Women's Day.

In order to keep the doors open to the nearly two dozen children who attend the school, fathers of the kids stepped in.

Lindsay says the support from male parents came flooding in after she sent an email asking for help.

Seven fathers spent the morning at the part-time center helping kids with English, math and social skills.

Michael Duez has a daughter who attends the school. He was one of the fathers who filled in.

“It’s nice to actually be in the classroom and experience the kids and get to see them in their element,” Duez said. “Really exciting to see this first hand.”

Atiba Berkley was another volunteer. He has two children at the school and felt it was important to support the women who took off and explain the importance of this day to his kids.

“I hope that the message gets out that it’s not just a day without women, it’s really about a world with them,” Berkley said.

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