Woman ‘cremated alive on funeral pyre after being declared dead by hospital’

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3D render of corpse with toe tag

A woman in India may have been mistakenly declared dead and then allegedly burned alive on a funeral pyre, according to the Times of India.

Friends and family of 24-year-old Rachna Sisodia reportedly began to cremate her hours after medics said she died.

Her husband, 23-year-old Devesh Chaudhary, took possession of her body shortly after she was pronounced dead at Sharda hospital in India, according to reports.

He reportedly drove her body to a funeral pyre two hours away and started cremating her with some friends.

But somebody reportedly believed she was still alive and dragged the woman out of the funeral pyre. She had burns across 70 percent of her body, the Times of India reported.

She showed no signs of life, but there were charred particles in her lungs, which police said would not have been there if she was not breathing.

Two doctors said the cause of death was “shock caused by being burnt alive,” not a lung infection, according to the Daily Mail.

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