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Archdale family speaks out after losing belongings in fire

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ARCHDALE, N.C. -- An Archdale family lost almost all of their belongings after a fire Thursday morning.

Guil-Rand firefighters responded to a house fire call on Dale Street around 10:45 a.m. and had the fire under control within about 15 minutes. But they said the damage left is extensive.

Maria Owens, her husband and five kids lived in the home. When the fire broke out, no one was there.

“I completely lost it, I broke down,” Owens said. “I called my boss and he couldn't understand me. All he could understand was, ‘fire in my house; so he told me to ‘go-go-go.’”

Five engines, a ladder truck and a tanker were all used to put out the fire that Guil-Rand firefighters believe started somewhere in the front of the house.

“I just heard this loud boom and I looked out the window and the whole front of the house was just engulfed in flames,” said Mickey Cartrette, who lives across the street.

Maria Owens filmed a video as she walked through what is left of the family’s rented home.

“Everything I worked so hard for my children, everything in there was for my children,” Owens said. “Six years of hard work was up in flames.”

Owens’ family is staying at a hotel in Archdale. All they have are the very few things that survived the fire, including their pet dragon and a Bible.

Neighbors, the children’s schools and the parents’ employers are among the many who have reached out to help, giving money, meals and clothes for the kids.

“The whole community and outreach for the family was just such a blessing,” Owens said.

The family did not have renters insurance.

“Hard lesson learned, but lesson learned,” Owens said.

They plan to live at the hotel for a least a few more days, then stay with family as they search for another home to rent.

The Guil-Rand Fire Department has yet to figure out what exactly caused the fire. It is still under investigation.

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