Unseasonable temperatures devastate local farmers

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DENTON, N.C. – The freezing temperatures in the forecast is really bad news for some farmers. Plants have already started blooming because of the unseasonably warm winter weather, but that puts them at risk when the temperatures drop.

Curt Jack has run Persimmons Branch Farm for the last 14 years. He says around 60 percent of his peach blossoms have bloomed.

“It's depressing,” Jack said. “You put in a lot of effort, every year. You still have to prune the trees, you still have to take care of them, you still have to maintain them. ”

Jack expected to make money off the farm but didn't anticipate much, if anything, from peach sales.

“At this point, we are looking at multiple tens of thousands of dollars,” Jack said. “It’s also going to be a loss for people who sell these in farmers markets.”

Last year he lost all his crops, he was hopeful that wouldn’t be the case this year.

“You go from hopefully optimistic to hopefully pessimistic,” Jack said. “We are hoping for the best, but you plan and contemplate for the worst.”

Jack is trying to stay optimistic. He still has some asparagus and potential for apples.

He originally planned to put in more peach trees for next year but doesn’t think that’s going to happen anymore.

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