Author who wrote stories about desegregation pioneers speaks at Grimsley High School

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Author Dr. Karen Meadows says when she did her research, not many people, primarily students, knew about Dr. Josephine Boyd Bradley.

Meadows is the author of The Pedagogy of Survival, a book highlighting the stories of desegregation pioneers including Dr. Boyd Bradley.

Dr. Boyd Bradley was the first African-American to integrate Greensboro Senior High School, now Grimsley Senior High School, in 1957.

Meadows interviewed Dr. Boyd Bradley several times for her research.

“Oftentimes people tell you what they want you to know and so I was really looking for the story behind the story,” she said.

Those candid conversations are now part of The Pedagogy of Survival.

“Pedagogy simply means a way of teaching, so I feel like their stories are a way of teaching us survival no matter what your trauma is,” Meadows said.

Meadows spoke to students at Grimsley regarding her research based on her conversations with Dr. Boyd Bradley and the few fellow students who were also harassed for supporting her.

Many of the students were stunned by the details.

“I had no idea that she got eggs thrown at her, ketchup thrown at her, threats called to her house,” student Ahmed Wahab said.

“I’ve heard her name before and I’ve seen her picture downstairs, but finding out what she actually really did is actually really incredible,” student Mason Baker said.

“I really pushed them to talk about what are you going to do differently now that you know this story,” Meadows said.

Dr. Boyd Bradley passed away in September of 2015.

Karen Meadows is also the Supervisor of K-8 Counseling in Guilford County Schools.

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