Information technology the ‘it’ job

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Zachary Hinton grew up in one of the early, video game generations.

“I was exposed to Tetris and video games on my dad's Compaq computer,” says Zachary. “Early on, I was curious as to how that all worked. It wasn’t until much later on in life, I decided, 'Well, maybe there's a career for this.'”

Indeed there is, and all that video game playing in his youth is beginning to pay off, as Zachary prepares for a career in information technology at North Carolina A&T.

And Zachary says he hears that emphasis from his professors, every day: “As students we are here to either start our own business or get into a career.”

“They're definitely going to get multiple offers,” says Cynthia Downing, the associate director of A&T’s Career Services.

And some of those offers will start near or above a hundred thousand dollars a year.

“Because employers are competing for the best and brightest, you'll probably see those salaries rise even more,” says Downing.

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