Burlington officers focus patrols on 10 most dangerous intersections

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- According to Burlington police, around 3,000 crashes occurred last year, resulting in three deaths.

Now, Burlington police are working to reduce crashes by pulling people over. This month they are focusing their patrols on the 10 most dangerous intersections in the city. These are areas officers say the most crashes occur.

“These intersections -- I visit them, on a call basis, at least once or twice a week,” said Master Police Officer Scott Elliot with the Burlington Police Department.

Officers will be out giving warnings and citations throughout this month because the say there is an uptick in the number of crashes in March.

"Our ultimate goal is we want to reduce crashes and we want to save lives, save property and to keep people from getting injured,” said Sgt. Sam Epps with the Burlington Police Department.

The top 10 areas of focus will be:

1) (US 70) N. Church St at Graham Hopedale Road
2) (NC 62) Alamance Rd at Mebane Street
3) University Drive at Boone Station Drive
4) (NC 49) Maple Ave at (NC 54) Chapel Hill Rd
5) Forestdale Drive at Huffman Mill Road
6) Huffman Mill Road at Mebane Street
7) Garden Road at Huffman Mill Road
8) (US 70) Church St at (NC 87) Webb Ave
9) (US 70) S. Church St at University Drive
10) (US 70) S. Church St at Huffman Mill Road

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