New fishing trail at Oak Hollow Lake in High Point

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- The Piedmont has hiking trails, biking trails and now fishing trails.

"It was and always will be about people learning how to fish and not getting frustrated with it and do it right," said William Fraizer, with the NC Bass Angler Sportsman Society Conservation. Frazier came up with the idea to help attract those who love to fish and newcomers.

Using underwater tools and recycled material, that won't hurt boats, volunteers placed the material at 11 different spots throughout Oak Hollow Lake. The material is expected to attract bass.

"In order for this thing to fly in our minds we wanted people back out in the field, we wanted to show them how to do this, we wanted to make this part of their wheelhouse and part of their future."

Frazier says they hope the trail will also help lure new fisherman, especially the youth or those who may not have the expensive equipment to find fish like bass.

"Kids are the ones you want to get out here interested in fishing," said Kenneth Best, who has been fishing at Oak Hollow Lake since it was created. "I think anything you can do to help fish and habitats the better off you are, the more people you are going to get out here fishing."

Plans are in the works to add another fishing trail in April to Cane Creek in Union County. The Boy Scouts are currently working on adding one to Lake Tom-A-Lex in Davidson County.

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