High Point police, community come together to curb spike in violent crime

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Police and community members reached out to residents in the Daniel Brooks neighborhood Thursday, updating them about the investigation into the death of 26-year-old David Gainey, who was shot and killed Feb. 8.

High Point police arrested Shacoby, Danlonta and Shalla Lindsey in connection to the shooting.

Police and members of High Point Community Against Violence want residents to know they're working hard to curb a recent string of violence.

"We're concerned about all the homicides we've had lately here in High Point, the violent crime, and we're here to say we're against it,” said Jim Summey, director of High Point Community Against Violence. “We're here to stand up with our community."

Since January, there have been four homicides in the city, according to police.

"What's happening in our community that we cannot solve issues and problems among ourselves without the violence, without the guns, without someone dying as a result of it?" said Gretta Bush, president of HPCAV.

Police say three of the homicides are still unsolved.

"It's a lot of homicides for High Point,” said Lt. BJ MacFarland. “It's a lot of work to try to solve. The only way we're going to solve them is if the community and police work together."