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Winston-Salem officials set up dozens of cameras to catch people dumping illegally

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The City of Winston-Salem is dealing with an illegal dumping issue; so much so that they’ve started setting up cameras, which is already paying off.

At one site in particular – on Eldora Street – the cameras caught one Chevrolet truck in particular dumping illegally on two separate occasions.

“You have people that come through the neighborhood that don’t live in the neighborhood that throw trash out of their cars,” said Linda Nesbitt, who has lived in the neighborhood for 45 years.

The city says they’ve been dealing with illegal dumping in this area for years. For homeowners there, it’s particularly frustrating, because it could potentially cost them money.

“It causes your value to go down when the city comes out to appraise your property,” Nesbitt said.

The city has set up cameras at more than a dozen other illegal dumping sites throughout the city. They say it’s a problem because, not only is it unsightly, but it also serves as a haven for snakes and vermin.

In the case of Eldora Street, it also happens to be an area heavily populated with children.

"There could be things that could injure a child; rusted furniture with wires in it,” Nesbitt said. “That could be very dangerous."

The City of Winston-Salem has also created a program called "Trash Busters," where people can report illegal dumping. If the information provided is used to arrest a perpetrator, the reporting individual receives a cash award of up to $250. Information on Trash Busters can be found here.

“We need to pull together here in this neighborhood and work together,” Nesbitt said.

City officials also want to remind residents that they are allowed two free uses of the city’s landfill at Hanes Mill Road per year, as long as they go online and request a permit.

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