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No charges expected after dogs attack toddler in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A toddler is still in the hospital in serious condition Wednesday night after he was attacked by two pit bulls Tuesday morning. The director of Guilford County Animal Control confirmed the dog's owners will not face charges.

The child is one of five young boys who are part of a family of Syrian refugees. Members of College Park Baptist Church have worked to help settle this family since they got to the U.S. six months ago.

Church members did not want to provide the family's last name or photos of them to protect their privacy.

But they have set up a Go Fund Me account and they're working to make sure the family doesn't have to go back to the house where the attack happened.

"The mother's devastated. This was just a normal day [before the attack]," Alice Stewart said.

Stewart says the mother and her two youngest sons were getting ready for to head to an English class when the attack happened. Police responded to 1206 Valley View St. at about 9:10 a.m. on Tuesday.

"It's tragic that it happened to this family, because they have been through a lot," she said.

The family lived and Syria, but moved as refugees to Jordan after the father and oldest son were hurt in a bombing.

Since arriving in the U.S., Stewart and other church members have taken them under their wing. They're making sure the family leaves the hospital to find something much better. Stewart found the family a new apartment this week.

"A little closer to shopping, a little closer to a bus line, a little easier for them to navigate and that had some other refugee families," she said.

Volunteers kicked it into high gear and moved them in Wednesday.

"She was just saying how happy she was, and oh thank God, and she was sending me little heart texts," Stewart said.

Before he can leave the hospital, Stewart says the boy will likely go through more surgeries. The child's injuries are non-life-threatening, but Stewart says he will likely require months of rehabilitation as well.

Greensboro police still have not released an account of what happened during the attack.

"He's pretty chewed up," Stewart said.

Responding officers shot and killed one dog at the scene of the attack. A second dog ran off, but officials captured and euthanized it "because of the vicious nature of the attack," according to Drew Brinkley, director of Guilford County Animal Control.

Stewart said the 19-month-old and his 3-year-old brother were together when the pit bulls attacked the youngest one.

"I am absolutely sure those children did not do anything to aggravate the dog or anything like that," Stewart said. "They would not do those things. It was just all an innocent day and it was just a tragic thing that happened."

Animal Control says because the dogs don't have a history of violence, the owners will not face charges. Brinkley said unless new evidences comes up, no charges are expected.

FOX8 asked Brinkley the details of what led up to the attack, including where exactly it happened in the child's family's yard, why the two pit bulls where off a leash and how the attack happened. He said he did not know those details of the case.

While they can't speed up the healing process, volunteers do hope moving them into a new neighborhood will help this family connect with their community.

"I'm glad that they've come to Greensboro and I think our community will benefit from having them with us," Stewart said.

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