American Legion honors FedEx driver who saved American flag from being torched

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — The FedEx driver who saved the American flag from being burned during a protest in Iowa City last month was honored by the American Legion Monday night.

Last month, Matt Uhrin stepped in during the protest, doused the flames and took the flag away — and the incident was caught on video. Another bystander argued with the protesters.

Warning: video contains language

When the group tried to burn another flag — he came back and extinguished the fire.

Monday, the Marion Legion gave him a plaque that thanked him for stepping in and saving the flag. The plaque read, “you placed your respect for the flag of the United States ahead of your own personal safety. The American Legion salutes your bravery, service and patriotism.”

“You can protest all you want but don’t disgrace the flag,” Uhrin told KGAN. “For somebody that’s the memory of their loved one that never came home. You’re not disgracing the flag, you’re disgracing the memory and it’s not right.”

FedEx confirmed on Jan. 28 that Uhrin would be allowed to keep his job after thousands of people signed an online petition to make sure he doesn’t lose his job over the incident.