Father Tased after he assaults deputy in reaction to 10-year-old son’s death

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ATHENS, Ga. — A Georgia father who found his 10-year-old son unresponsive last week reacted to the discovery by punching a responding deputy and breaking a window in an emotional rage.

On Feb. 8, Samuel Dennis Weaver went to check on his son Brent, who had been suffering from intense headaches, according to the Athens Banner-Herald. When he found Brent, he was unresponsive.

When deputies arrived, they found Weaver attempting to use CPR on his son. When they tried to move him, he punched an officer and broke a window.

Deputies then placed him in handcuffs and took him outside.

When they got to the hospital, medical officials told him Brent had passed from a brain aneurysm and he became angry, throwing chairs at the staff and busting holes in the wall.

“To the point he destroyed hospital property, we were worried about his safety, the safety of the children he’s going back home to and we worried about him harming himself,” Madison County Sheriff’s Deputy Vaughn told the paper.

Officials then used a Taser to subdue the man.

The next morning, Weaver was released from custody on a $11,100 bond.

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