Runaway defendant cleared on most charges in Guilford County — and still missing

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Dewayne Woolridge is seen leaving the Guilford County Courthouse in Greensboro Feb. 1, 2017. Court officials have obscured the faces of bystanders in this submitted photo. (Guilford County Courthouse Security office)

GREENSBORO, N.C. — He left his trial and went into hiding. Still, a Greensboro man has been found not guilty on several drug charges by a Guilford County jury, according to the Greensboro News & Record.

It’s hard to tell what Dewayne Shon Woolridge knows about his good fortune. He was last seen before the verdict, walking out the front door of Guilford County Superior Court during a break in his trial.

In his absence, 34-year-old Woolridge was found not guilty of trafficking by possession of 200-400 grams of cocaine and trafficking by selling 200-400 grams of cocaine. Jurors were could not decide on two counts of conspiracy to traffic more than 400 grams of cocaine and between 200-400 grams of cocaine.

Prior to jury deliberation, the state dismissed a charge of maintaining a dwelling for controlled substances.

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