Local therapy center uses horses to provide riders with physical, cognitive and emotional assistance

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COLFAX, N.C. -- For more than 20 years, Horsepower Therapeutic Learning Center has been serving the community.

Soon, the center will have a permanent location of their own in High Point.

Executive Director Jan Clifford said construction at the Walpole location is a community effort, with help from local Eagle Scouts and the High Point Community Foundation.

“The Community Foundation does help in funding but they also help spread the word about what we do and who we serve,” Clifford said.

The new location will include shelters and barns that are handicapped accessible -- all spread throughout about 40 acres of land.

“The most exciting thing about this facility is that we're going to have a handicapped accessible barn and our riders are going to be able to do more,” Clifford said. “We also just purchased a house with five acres, which is attached to this property and we can use it for programming for teaching for training.”

Clifford emphasizes the mission of the center is to increase the quality of life for people with disability, through all ages.

Once a week, rider Michelle Kinsey saddles up to find refuge.

She came to Horsepower four years ago to find physical relief for her neuromuscular disorder called dystonia.

"It's a brain disorder that sends messages to my body to contract when I haven't asked it to do it," Kinsey said.

Learn more about Horsepower Therapeutic Learning Center here.

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