New parking decks planned for downtown Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Three new hotels, a performing arts center and plenty of new businesses are coming to Greensboro. The City of Greensboro plans to build up to two new parking decks to keep up with the growing community.

Right now, there are about 2,800 parking spots at four city-owned decks downtown, but Assistant City Manager David Parrish says that’s not going to be enough.

”Our main decks are full,” Parrish said. “Clearly, the demand is there and we have saturated our current structures as they exist, so we need to and we have to look at where we can accommodate more parking.”

Parrish says each parking deck would create around 900 extra parking spots. The city has not decided where exactly they will be located.

“Where we know growth is coming, where we know activity is going to be and where we already have a draw in the demand,” Parrish said.

Parrish says the earliest we could see any construction would be sometime next year. It’s going to take a while to plan everything out, but the city wants to be prepared.

”Accommodate the future growth,” Parrish said. “Do our part to provide the infrastructure for the private sector to grow and provide housing, retail, office space to help see Greensboro continue to grow and thrive.”

Parrish estimates the cost will be between $18,000 to $28,000 per parking spot to create the new decks He says it is going to be paid for through some of the parking revenue they already have, property taxes and money they will make charging people to park.

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