Refugees welcomed at airport in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – People in Greensboro welcomed three refugees to the area Friday night.

These were the last refugees expected to get to the Triad for a least four months after an executive order temporarily suspended the United State's refugee program, among other things.

Just two hours before the refugees arrived, a federal judge ruled President Donald Trump’s executive order be temporarily halted.

A representative with World Relief High Point says the ruling is good news, although they are unsure how it will directly impact refugees who had to cancel travel plans because of the executive order.

The refugees welcomed tonight came from a camp in Ethiopia. The two brothers, ages 21 and 20, had been in the refugee camp for 17 years.

They have other family members whose travel plans were disrupted by President Trump's order. Refugee resettlement workers say they are unsure when the family will be reunited.