Iranian immigrant in NC voices support for President Trump’s travel ban

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Saiid Rabiipour is an Iranian-American who supports President Donald Trump's temporary travel ban.

FAIRVIEW, N.C. — There’s been plenty of negative reaction to President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, but a North Carolina Iranian-American said he supports the order completely, according to WLOS.

“He said, ‘Let’s just pause and re-evaluate ourselves. That’s why these people are slipping through.’ That’s the message I got from Mr. Trump,” said Saiid Rabiipour, who came to America in 1973.

Saiid graduated from The Citadel with a business degree and settled in Western North Carolina.

He is the author of a book called “Trapped in Iran,” featuring the unexpected and dangerous challenges visiting family back home.

Saiid believes those experiences helped shape his belief the temporary ban is necessary, and the president’s executive order is the right thing to do.

Ongoing protests make it clear there are many people who disagree with Saiid and Trump’s executive order, saying the temporary ban is only the beginning of a discriminatory crackdown that will worsen.

“I really believe that this demonstration and this chaos really has nothing to do with immigration,” Saiid said of the protests. “It only has to do with the fact that they want things their way.”

Saiid also says U.S. Customs, TSA and other security agencies need time to get on the same page.

“It’s a training process for our people. If you don’t train them properly, then that’s how the people get through,” he said.

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