People concerned over ‘incomplete’ renovations at Smith High School

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Guilford County school district says it will be fixing some issues with renovations at Ben L. Smith High School. Athletic booster club members say they saw incomplete updates when touring the school’s gym facilities.

William Levette is the vice president of the booster club. He says they saw outlets in the showers, mismatched tiles and doors that won’t close all the way. The renovations were done over the summer.

"It was appalling, to be honest,” Levette said.

Boosters are calling the renovations incomplete and they are worried they'll see the same thing is happening with the stadium renovations going on right now.

"It's not just about Smith,” Levette said. “It’s about the taxpayers. It's about the community. Make sure that the money that we are investing in the schools is being used properly and things are being done to a standard that everybody can be happy with.”

Samuel Masters is the director of construction for Guilford County Schools. He agrees that the renovations do not meet the district's standards, but says the work needed to be finished with whatever tools they had before the school year started.

"When we did it, we knew that tile was not going to stay like that, but it doesn't look good and when people came in to look at it they were upset with the quality,” Masters said. “I think we didn't communicate enough to let people know that it wasn't going to stay."

Both the gym and stadium upgrades are expected to cost $4.7 million, that’s under the around $6 million budget. Masters says the school district plans to use some of the extra funds from the project to go back and address some of the issues, especially the title work.

“We are trying to do what we can, where we can,” Masters said.

Masters says changes were recently made to the design of the stadium, but that shouldn’t cause any delays. Renovations are expected to be complete before the next school year.

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