Local yoga instructor becomes hemp clothing designer

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Most people know Jennifer Jennette as a yoga instructor and educator, but over the last few years, she has been exploring another interest.

She’s passionate about sustainable fashion.

Jennette is a hemp clothing designer.

“Hemp is just a wonderful crop. It doesn’t take a lot of water like cotton. It’s a really environmentally sustainable crop,” Jennette said.

The designer sells her clothes on Etsy, but starting a business came with risks.

She worked for someone else before branching out on her own.

“I was ready to leave that job, but I didn’t and so my morale was really low and I just kind of had to get fired, so I didn’t have another plan because I didn’t make a plan just to exit,” she said.

There was a period of struggling financially, but what she has learned about herself over the last few years is priceless.

“To be more empowered and to just say what I want and to say I’m enough. It’s enough. It’s good enough and just keep going. That’s my montra … just keep going, you can do it,” she said.

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