High Point collector has more than 1,000 vintage cameras

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- A High Point man's shop may look like a camera museum, but it's not.

Ken Toda has been collecting cameras all his life.

"I think I counted just a little over 1,100," Toda said.

His fascination with photography began when he was a kid in Japan. He came to the United States to study photography at Randolph Community College before receiving his four-year degree at Elon University.

In the years that followed, he became familiar with the inner workings of old mechanical cameras.

But now, Toda says he wants to do more than just restore the old equipment. He believes because of digital cameras, film photography is now a lost art.

"People realize the challenge of photography," Toda said. "They have to set it and think about it before you push the button."

He hopes to expose a whole new generation to the old way of taking pictures.

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