Neighbors upset about illegal dumping in Davidson County

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Folks living off of Old Salisbury Road in the Linwood community of Davidson County say they have a serious problem with illegal dumping.

"It's not just a one day or every now and again. It’s all the time, two or three times a week. People pull in and out and dumping whatever they got," one neighbor said.

The land around an abandoned farmhouse is covered with unwanted bikes, paint, televisions, mattresses and furniture. Homeowners have spoken with their county commissioners and County Manager Zeb Hanner about the illegal dumping. Hanner says the problem will be solved.

"Our role as county government, we contact the owner and the owner will go out on Saturday to clean it up," Hanner said.

Property owners have also told Hanner that additional steps will be taken to try to stop people from illegally dumping on their land.

"I know this homeowner has posted their property as no trespassing and they have alerted the sheriff’s department.” Hanner said.

Some believe the illegal dumping is a result of the $8 fee the Davidson County landfill now charges. But that price only applies to items like paint, computers, televisions and mattresses. The landfill began charging the fee in July because recycle companies are no longer taking the items like televisions for free.

Neighbors are encouraged that sheriff's deputies will be watching the property. But when the patrols are not around, they will keep a watchful eye on their community.

"If the neighbors see someone dumping, get the tag number and report it,” another neighbor said.