Cat dies after dog turns on stove, starts house fire in NC

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ROLESVILLE, N.C. — A family’s cat was killed Tuesday morning after their dog turned on the stove which ignited a box of dog treats and sent flames throughout the kitchen.

Officials say the incident occurred when the dog was trying to get ahold of treats left near the stove.

“It seems in this case, a box of dog treats were left near the stove, a dog jumped up and knocked the box over,” fire officials told WNCN. “At the same time, his paw turned the knob to make one of the burners come on.”

The fire, which caused heavy damage to the kitchen and parts of the home, killed one of the family’s two cats. The three dogs were unharmed.

No humans were injured.

“Please keep items away from your stove and oven because freak things can and do happen,” fire officials said.