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Greensboro police to hold ‘Safer City Summit’ addressing violent crime

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Greensboro Police Department will hold a safety summit at the end of the month to find new ways to reduce violent crime. At the summit, community leaders, organizations and law enforcement will discuss issues involving youth, housing, public safety, employment and legislative concerns.

Angela Simmons Womack lives in the Smith Homes community. It is one of six places the Greensboro Police Department has identified for having the most violent crime.

"There is no time and no telling -- whatever's going to happen -- a bullet coming through your window,” Womack said. "You’re scared to walk, sometimes I just crawl to the kitchen.”

High crime locations also include an area off Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Overland Heights. All six locations are highlighted pink on the map.


According to the police department, those six locations accounted for 22 percent of Greensboro’s violent crime 2016.

"There were like 100 kids out here. Guys pulled up and started shooting in the middle of the day,” said Joshua Simpson, who lives off Overland Heights.

Police say they have tried a number of things to reduce crime, like patrolling the area more and going door to door, but the crime keeps coming back.

"We lock up as best as we can, but you can only do so much and they will still find a way,” said Miracle Lewis, who lives off Overland Heights.

On Jan. 31, the police department will hold a safety summit to find new ways to address the violence. Residents have their own thoughts on what to do.

"Fix the recreational centers, the parks and the basketball courts. Anything around to help young men, especially, have something else to do,” Lewis said.

Anyone interested in making a difference is invited to attend the summit, which will take place at the Greensboro Coliseum from 6 to 8 p.m.