Randolph County prepares for winter weather

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ASHEBORO, N.C. -- Up to six inches of snow could be on the ground in some parts of the Triad by Saturday morning.

Randolph County is one of the places most likely to get snow.

The Department of Transportation used about eight trucks to brine primary roads Thursday morning. They are expected to be done spraying the solution on Friday.

Randolph County Emergency Management is also keeping an eye on the weather.

“We need to be ready so we can lessen the impact of such an event on the county or citizens of Randolph County and to ensure operations can maintain or be offered at the same level as possible so we are not impacting any life safety issues,” said Evan Grady, the emergency management planner for Randolph County.

The emergency management team works with first responders and organizations to create a strategy for when something happens. They are ready to add more 911 dispatchers to answer a high call volume. They are also hoping to reduce response time by having an extra ambulance ready.

”Typically during a weather hazard event we see a lot of traffic calls,” Grady said. “It may involve vehicles spinning out, leaving the roadway or even car crashes caused by the weather. Also, we get a lot of calls based on power outages, lines being impeded by trees and ice and other obstructions.”

Some people were also out preparing, buying enough food and supplies to last a few days.

“I don't want to have to go out to get anything, I want to be prepared to stay in my home but be able to leave if I want to,” said Vickie Patterson, an Asheboro resident.

Emergency management recommends people stay inside if the weather becomes severe.

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