Greensboro ranked in top 30 ‘Caffeinated Capitals’ in America

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Move over Raleigh and Charlotte, Greensboro has bragging rights on this one.

Greensboro is the 30th ranked “Caffeinated Capital” out of 50 cities in America, according to Graphiq.

The website ranks the city above Raleigh, which is 47th and Charlotte, which currently sits at 40.

Greensboro has 40 coffee and tea shops, with 26 stores receiving a 4 or 5-star rating. The average rating of each shop is 3.9.

Charlotte has 56 shops rated as a 4 or 5-star store, but the city’s average rating is 3.7. Raleigh has 92 coffee shops with an average rating of 3.7.

Top 30 list:

30. Greensboro, North Carolina

29. Memphis, Tennessee

28. Sacramento, California

27. Tulsa, Oklahoma

26. New Orleans, Louisiana

25. Los Angeles, California

24. Boise, Idaho

23. Oakland, California

22. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

21. San Francisco, California

20. St. Louis, Missouri

19. Virginia Beach, Virginia

18. Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

17. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

16. San Diego, California

15. Tuscan, Arizona

14. Omaha, Nebraska

13. Dallas, Texas

12. Wichita Kansas

11. Houston, Texas

10: Portland, Oregon

9. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

8. Kansas City, Missouri

7. Austin, Texas

6. Seattle, Washington

5. San Antonio, Texas

4. El Paso, Texas

3. Indianapolis, Indiana

2. Albuquerque, New Mexico

1. Colorado Springs, Colorado

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